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Business Partners

Sierra Pacific Industries is based in Anderson, California. The company owns and manages over 2 million acres of timberland in California and Washington, and is among the largest lumber producers in the United States. SPI is committed to managing its lands in a responsible and sustainable manner to protect the environment while providing quality wood products and renewable power for consumers. To SPI, sustainable forest management means more than just planting trees.

Holt of California is proud to be part of the elite group of Caterpillar dealers worldwide. The “Caterpillar” name originated in 1904 by inventor Benjamin Holt in Stockton, CA. Today, Caterpillar Inc. is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois and is a Fortune 100 Company.

Our customers are the reason we exist. At Holt of California we pride ourselves on superior customer satisfaction. As our customers’ needs change, we adapt and grow to meet and exceed their expectations by offering them a full range of products and services.

At the heart of our agency’s mission is our purpose—the ultimate answer to why we do what we do. Everything we do—across our broad and diverse agency—is intended to help sustain forests and grasslands for present and future generations. Why? Because our stewardship work supports nature in sustaining life. This is the purpose that drives our agency’s mission and motivates our work across the agency. It’s been there from our agency’s very beginning, and it still drives us. 

Associated California Loggers (ACL) represents companies and individuals who harvest and transport materials for the forest products industry. Our members play a major role in the stewardship of California’s public and private forests, and we’re committed to the good management of this sustainable and renewable resource.

The American Loggers Council (ALC) is described as “loggers working for loggers.” We are committed to enhancing the logging profession, establishing a more level playing field for professional loggers, and providing accurate information about the logging profession to the forest products companies, landowners, and the public. ALC serves as a national network and communication center, linking local, state and regional organizations around the country.

Over twenty years ago, the concept of giving something back to mule deer was a dream of Emmett Burroughs. As Emmett traveled around the country, hunting and filming mule deer, he realized that many of us take this awesome species for granted.

In July 1988, the Mule Deer Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c)3 wildlife conservation organization. Founded in Redding, Calif., the original Board of Directors developed the mission statement of MDF. “To ensure the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat.” 


Here at Hilltop Aerial, we want to help integrate drone technology into your business. Our heavy lift drones are proven to create a safer and more efficient work environment for years to come.

Our Drones aim to help aid different types of operations in order to reduce harm to employees in dangerous environments and boost productivity by reducing the time it takes to complete a certain task. Therefore, making it easier for you to run your operations effectively.

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Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of premium quality forest harvesting systems, specialized off-road industrial machines and material processing equipment.

Tigercat has decades of experience in the forest harvesting sector with the expertise to design complex structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems that perform every day in extreme and adverse conditions. The off-road industrial product line includes land clearing, silviculture and site preparation equipment as well as other specialized severe duty carriers used in a variety of industries including utilities, oil and gas and construction.

While a lot has changed at Bejac over the years, its commitment to customer service and support has remained the same. With unique offerings, such as its lifetime commitment to customer operator and technician training, Bejac is always trying to find ways to provide the most value to its customers.

The most recent addition to Bejac includes the full line of Liebherr construction and material handling equipment. With a level of technology and sophistication that exceeds nearly every other brand in the world, these machines are ideal for Bejac’s customers in any industry.

Co-founded in 1998 by two PhD students, Jerry Keir and Sanjay Pyare, at the University of Nevada, the Institute began as a field studies program to mobilize University faculty, students, and volunteers in applied science and direct service to support national parks, forests, open spaces and public lands. Since then, for over two decades, GBI has supported over 7,000 conservationist serving hundreds of projects to realize positive environmental change across the western US.  GBI has raised over 165MM for research, education, and service, making impactful contributions to serving the public and our public lands.  GBI is based out of Reno, Nevada, with Satellite offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and South Lake Tahoe, CA.  GBI is the recipient of the 2015 USFS’s “Regional Forester Award,” the Nevada Governor’s Points of Light Award in 2005 and was named “Outstanding Non-government Organization” by Environmental Leadership in 2001.