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About J&R Logging Inc

In the early 1970’s, two friends, Robert D’Agostini Sr. and John Jacino bought an old ex City of Placerville 1946 dump truck to test a partnership that would last to this day. The old truck would be the seed for the formal formation of J&R Logging in 1979. The company would start out with one log truck and grow into a multifaceted forest land management company. Management was handled by Robert Sr. in operations, John in general business, and Leedy D’Agostini (Robert Sr.’s wife) acting as accountant until the early to mid 2000’s.

In 2004, J&R Logging incorporated, adding the “Inc” to the name. Management then also transitioned to Robert D’Agostini Jr. for general business, Saul Jimenez for operations, and Michael D’Agostini for trucking. Today, J&R Logging Inc. employs over 30 dedicated and proud team members specializing in forest health and transportation of forest products to various markets.

Leedy & Robert Sr. D’Agostini

Robert Sr. was born and raised on the D’Agostini Family Ranch and Leedy was born and raised in Lemoore, California, a very small farming town. They met in September 1963 and were married in 1964.

Robert drove truck for Wetsel Oviatt Lumber Co and other companies. In his spare time, he worked with his father on the ranch. Leedy left her career in banking to move to the Ranch. She worked with her father-in-law and his partner on the Ranch, which also had a turkey farm. They had two boys: John, born in 1965, and Michael, born in 1968. In 1969, Robert left his truck driving job and became the manager of the turkey farm on the Ranch. Leedy became Manager/CEO of the Grange Credit Union in 1970, which became Foothill Community Credit Union. This allowed her to continue her banking career, evolving to present as Leedy still works as Broker/Owner of D’Agostini & Associates Inc. Real Estate.

Robert worked the turkey farm on the Ranch until they lost the contract with Foster Farms in 1984, at which time he tried many things until the close relationship with John Jacino, VP of Wetsel Oviatt Lumber Mill caused Robert to buy a logging truck, partnering with John Jacino in 1979, thus the beginning of J&R Logging. At that time, we had dabbled in equipment leasing and in 1987, John Jacino suggested Robert take the equipment and purchase more and go out int the woods and log. He did and the story goes on to this day.

Leedy maintained the books until 2008 when they hired a bookkeeper to take over due to Robert having a stroke and had to retire from daily work in the woods. Robert JR took over the workings of the Company and the rest of the story is told in the company history.

Leedy and Robert Sr. are all still involved in the Company as Share-Holders and/or Officers and Directors.

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Below are some fun memories from over the past 40 years with J & R Logging